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Original character -This is sort of disorganized.

Hazel- She is a witch of sorts.

♣ Age- 16
♣ Birth date- January 13
♣ Hair- Dark brown, straight, long
♣ Eyes- Brown
♣ Height- about 4'9"ish
♣ Personality- Shy, timid though she seemingly can talk to people normally most of the time she generally hides anything that may be unusual about herself. Prefers to keep to herself. Level headed most of the time. Has a low opinion of her abilities even though she's at least competent with the magic she has learned. Doesn't really like to learn it but, won't refuse her mother. There are circumstances that can reveal her stubborn streak.
♣ Weapon- Staff
♣ Abilities- Low level elemental spells, low level healing spells, still learning a shape shifting spell and a levitation spell.
♣ Other- She carries around a special book her mother made to teach her spells. The pages containing spells she doesn't have the skill for are blank.

She lives with her parents in a small house in the woods near a city where she goes to school. After school and on weekends her mother teaches her various forms of magic. Her father has an office job in the city. Her mother occasionally sells wards to those that still trust magic.

Whenever someone finds out about her magic lessons they are either scared or keep asking her to demonstrate her spells for their amusement. This, understandably makes it difficult for her to make friends. This may or may not be because of her great aunt Susan's attempt to take over the world. Not that she really cares, she'd much rather be alone anyway. Though she tends to get nervous when she's been alone for too long.

World- Hazel's world of Tierra is generally modern with similar to current Earth technology. Except for one continent. The intelligent dragons that live there dislike the effects most methods of generating electricity have on the environment. The world is also inhabited by many other magical creatures. Many of which are considered monsters.

Far in the past magic was a common, varied and accepted skill. It wasn't too uncommon for magic to play a large part in some conflicts.

Magic use saw a steep decline after an incident where an insane prodigy attempted to take control of the world. Many began to see magic as a bad thing and did not see a reason for anyone to continue the practice when technology was reaching a point where magic was no longer necessary to combat the more dangerous monsters.

In recent years many countries have passed laws regulating the use of magic. Harsher punishments were given for crimes it was used to commit, bans on public use except in an emergency and having to register for permits to teach or learn it mostly. Most of the remaining magic users ignored these laws. Not that there were that many of them by this point. It is mostly still practiced because of tradition within some families.

There are a few places that have completely outlawed magic and even fewer with no regulations on it at all.

Monsters are still common though they tend to stay away from towns and cities. On the occasion a monster goes into a town they are taken care of quickly by what passes for a police force. Most other magical creatures avoid humans whenever possible.


Hazel grew up on a world called Tierra living with her parents, Miles and Laurel Hawthorn, just outside a smallish city. Her mom was a powerful witch and her dad was just a normal guy with an office job. While Tierra was a world known to have magic users among its populace, in recent years use of magic is starting to become frowned upon in most places. Even though Hazel comes from a family with a long history of magic use this didn't really affect her early childhood.

She went to school in the city without any issue besides her mother never letting her invite friends over and not being allowed to talk about what her mother did for a living.

That began to change when her mother started teaching her magic shortly before she turned twelve. After she got the hang of her first spell(just holding a tiny flame between her hands) she told her friends. They thought it was the coolest thing ever and really wanted to see it.

Though she was reluctant(her mom told her not to use magic away from home unless she had to but, she just had to show her friends, right?) she showed off the rather pathetic little spell. The slight commotion caused the teacher to come over.

There was freaking out and calling of parents. More freaking out by the parents and, unfortunately, forbidding their kids to talk to Hazel again. Hazel's mom thought it would be best for her to change schools.

Things went well enough for a while though Hazel was left uncomfortable with the idea of getting close enough to someone to want to tell them of her spells. She might have gotten over it if history class did not include several lessons about powerful magic users attempting to cause havoc of some kind and the fear expressed by some of her classmates at the stories.

Her studies left her little time or energy to want to spend time with her peers outside of school anyway. She became more introverted as time passed and she grew uncomfortable talking with people she didn't know.

By age sixteen Hazel was pretty much a loner at school. She let no one closer than a friendly acquaintance. Most of her time was spent at said school or with her mother learning magic. Her free time was mostly spent reading, playing video games or occasionally, cooking.


Hazel is familiar with the Final Fantasy series.

Relevant only to [info]piecesofworlds

Before the reboot - Mr. Cloak had intended for the person that owned the house she came across in the woods to find the book which brought her to the small world of pieces. They were arrested earlier that day and someone removed any police tape that may or may not have been on the building. Mr. Cloak decided to just go with it instead of bothering to send her home but, isn't particularly interested in talking to her.

After the reboot - She's been brought back into Mr. Cloak's little experiment with full memories of last time(tentative). She can't really talk about that or things from Final Fantasy though. All that would come out if she tried is some squeaky noises... much to her annoyance.
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